I started seeing Rebecca 12 weeks after the birth of my second child. I had a large abdominal wall split, my post-partum body was unrecognisable to me and I wanted someone to help me put my body back together, both functionally (no one wants to wee every time they laugh!) and aesthetically. Over the course of 6 months, Rebecca helped me do exactly that. Using a mixture of physiotherapy and Pilates we started with very small exercises designed to remind my muscles what their jobs were and gradually increased the difficulty / intensity I could do a full Pilates work out. The exercises she gave me were always clearly explained, practiced together and easy to fit in at home with no time, no equipment and a baby. The three things that particularly impressed me about Rebecca were how knowledgeable she is about post-pregnancy recovery (she always had alternative exercises we could do if something was uncomfortable), how encouraging she always was and how effective her treatment was. I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough, I noticed a difference from the very first session and after 6 months my recovery far surpassed anything I had hoped for. Kate, Woking

I have been attending Rebecca’s class for a year. My  core strength has improved immensely,which in turn has improved my lower back complaints. Every class I leave feeling worked, invigorated and relaxed all at once . The attention and care to each class is really wonderful . Each one I’ve attended is different and interesting , so the hour flies by ! Rebecca really does care about her classes and making sure the participants get as much from her classes as possible . Nadine S, Sunningdale

I just wanted to thank you so much for the help you gave me in enabling me to walk pain free on the Tongoriro Transalpine Crossing last December in New Zealand. This has been an ambition for my husband and me for several years and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to manage it. Despite bad weather conditions we did it in a good time. I just needed help to be able to step up and down on big boulders!!
Your muscle activation exercises were easy to do and have made such a difference and my weekly walks are pain free and a doddle to do. Val G, Bracknell

After having a baby and then suffering a slipped disc I was very stiff and everyday movement was painful, however after attending Rebecca’s classes I have noticed a dramatic improvement, I no longer suffer from any back pain, feel stronger, more flexible and stand tall. Rebecca’s classes are very friendly and relaxed, you can work at your own level and the exercises vary each week. I would and have recommended Rebecca’s classes to everyone, so much so that my mother has now joined. Caroline S, Ascot

“I swore I’d never attend a class of ‘anything’; I’m a footloose, fancy-free jogger; independent and solo.  When an injury caused a re-think and advice pointed me in the direction of Core Stability classes, I cringed, prepared simply to go through the motions; the sulky girl in the back row, bored and barely co-operative.  But then, a conversion took place, I whispered it to friends, I’m actually enjoying it!  Much, if not all, my reservations were alleviated by Rebecca, herself; she’s a highly qualified Physiotherapist, which was a  priority for me, but more than that, she’s a total professional, sympathetic and empathetic; an expert in her field who clearly loves what she does.  The exercises are skilfully honed to cover varying levels of ability; each class is perfectly paced and varies from one week to the next using all manner of apparatus.  Each member of the class feels they are receiving individual attention, which is a mark of Rebecca’s skill, as well as, personality.   I should add, perhaps, that I’m 53 years old and never too old to admit I was wrong.”  Catherine R, Ascot

I was referred to Rebecca following a diagnosis of a back problem, where traditional physiotherapy was not having any effect.  I had a number of one to one sessions to help explain the Pilates techniques and then join a beginner’s class.  It took a few weeks before I started to feel any improvement, but the pain then started to reduce.  I am still coming to the classes 3 years later and have now reached a point where I have hardly any problems during the day, despite a diagnosis where the only other alternative would have been surgery.  This has been confirmed recently as my last medical measured my spine alignment.  Compared to the results of the same review prior to taking up Pilates the results show a marked improvement, so I was delighted!   Rebecca is very knowledgeable and thorough and her classes are really professional.  Her background in physiotherapy ensures that she is very aware of the dangers of people doing exercises not suited to their personal conditions and she is rigorous about watching how each of us are coping. The classes are highly enjoyable, very varied .. and never repetitive.    Very happy to recommend both Rebecca’s classes and her one to one sessions.     PH,  Windlesham 

Rebecca is an excellent Pilates Teacher.  She manages to inspire excellence and tempers it with an understanding of the variety of people she teaches taking account of their various abilities and age and all with great enjoyment  . AL Sunningdale

I have been attending Rebecca’s classes for over 2 years in which time I have managed to flatten my tummy, trim my thighs, pert my ‘bottom’ and learn to stand tall again.  Gone have the days of aching shoulders and a stiff neck and my toes can do the Mexican wave!  And it only takes one hour per week – marvellous.   Suzie, Sunningdale

 I have attended Rebecca’s classes for a number of years.  She has great knowledge and expertise and I am reassured that she is also a qualified Physiotherapist.  I always feel she is keeping an eye on me in class, making sure I do everything correctly.  My posture and flexibility have improved over the years and I am now far more aware of my posture and when I am not standing or sitting correctly. I would highly recommend Rebecca’s classes, as they are good for you and good fun.   Emma, Ascot

I have had cause to visit Rebecca several times over the last few years, normally because of injury’s I have managed to incur through over exercise or stupidity! Rebecca has always asked lots of questions and taken long consideration on the injury before deciding the best course of action.  In every case Rebecca has explained why it has happened, what’s been effected and has then proceeded to treat the area. In every case the problem has cleared remarkably quickly more importantly with the advice she has given me I avoid the recurrence of the injury. I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough. Toby, Bracknell