One to one Physio-Led Pilates sessions

One to one Physio-Led Pilates sessions aim to concentrate on your individual needs .
During each Individual 1:1 session specific exercises related to your requirements will be focused on, with feedback and corrections given.

Individual 1:1 sessions can take place on a regular basis, weekly or fortnightly for those who would benefit more from the individual approach rather than the class approach or they can be booked just occasionally to complement your class sessions.

If required an individual home exercise program, with exercise sheets, will be developed for you at the end of the session. This will enable you to perform Pilates at home on a more regular basis if you wish (three or four 20 minute sessions a week will allow you to progress more quickly and you may feel a more rapid benefit).

Sessions are held either in your own home or it can sometimes be arranged at a venue in Sunningdale or Bracknell.

The cost for a 1 hour session is £50. Small group sessions (2-3) for friends can also be accommodated – costs vary.

You should wear comfortable clothing which does not restrict movement.