See here for the current class schedule.

Class levels and times may vary throughout the year – please contact Rebecca for further information.


7.15 pm Intermediate/Advanced Carnation Hall, Winkfield Row

8.15 pm Intermediate/Improver Carnation Hall,Winkfield Row


7.30 pm Intermediate/Advanced Village Hall, Sunningdale

8.30 pm Mixed class – including Beginners Village Hall, Sunningdale


9.30 pm  Intermediate/Advanced Village Hall, Sunningdale

10.30 am   Intermediate Village Hall, Sunningdale

11.30 am Improver/Intermediate Village Hall, Sunningdale

1 pm Intermediate/Advanced  Village Hall, Sunningdale

2 pm Beginner/Improver Village Hall, Sunningdale

All classes are 55 mins long

Mats, head cushions and small equipment will be provided in all classes. You may wish to bring a small towel with you to cover the head cushion. Wear comfortable clothing which does not restrict movement, including socks. You may find a long sleeved top more comfortable for the autumn/winter classes although there is effective heating in all halls.


Beginner classes are suitable for anyone who has no previous (or limited) pilates experience.  Suitable for all ages ( over 16 years).  If you have a medical condition or injury please call me to discuss class suitability – exercises in the class can be modified or adapted for most conditions. Mixed classes are also suitable for beginners with low beginner level exercise options given for all exercises. However the pace of the class may be faster than the Beginner class and there will be people who are working at a higher level.

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